16x52 Zoom mini Monocular Telescope Black High Quilaty

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Product introduction:


Note: color box packing may batch change, the product quality will not change

 models:16 x52

Multiple: 16 x (10 times multiples real)

An exit pupil diameter: 5 mm

Close to the focal distance: 1.5 M (latest)

Objective: 52 mm (edge)

Prism material: BAK4

A prism system: roof prism

View: 66 m / 8000 m

Coating: upgrade to hd green film

Focus: eyepiece adjustment

Color: black

Net weight: about 290 g

Waterproof anti-fog: Daily use waterproof (not diving support)

Product configuration: telescope bag hanging rope lens wiping cloth specifications bag packaging color box



How to Clean Your Binoculars




You've seen someone do it. Breathe on his binocular's eyepiece and then rub the glass with the corner of his shirt. Poor guy, he never knew he just degraded every image he would ever see with that binocular again.


How to Ruin BInoculars



The right way to clean binoculars


Step 1

Lens PenRemove all the loose dust from the binocular's lenses.


Brush with the brush end of a lens cleaning pen. The brush is soft and won't harm the glass or coatings. (It may help to hold the binocular upside down so the dust falls away.)


Or blow with a can of air (from photo store). Don't use your breath — breath includes minute droplets of water that will spot your lens.


Step 2

Moisten a Q-tip with water or lens cleaning solution and float off any remaining dust. Or if your binocular is waterproof, you can actually run it under the tap (but don't squirt it hard). DO NOT use fluid designed for cleaning eyeglasses or windows, as it may attack the coatings.


Step 3

Now that the dust is gone, you can wipe the lens with lens tissue, a special micro fiber lens cloth, or a very soft cotton cloth (like a piece of a clean old cotton undershirt).


Do not use paper towels or facial tissue, as these are too rough. They often include wood fiber that will scratch your lenses or the coatings on the lenses.


Be gentle.


Remember! More binoculars have been ruined by wrong cleaning than by being dropped on the sidewalk.