Electric Baby Nail Trimmer USB Charging

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1. Traditional model: Two-speed shift switch. Upgrade model: use stepless variable speed switch. Advantages: the speed can be adjusted at will from 0 to 6800 rpm, which can meet the different torque requirements of all different Baoma. 2. Traditional models: use battery power. Upgrade model: 300MA polymer charging Advantages: easy to use, charge anywhere. 3. Traditional models: 3 stages of baby grinding heads and 3 mother grinding heads. Upgraded models: Baby grinding heads are subdivided into 4 stages, and mother grinding heads are 5. Advantages: It is safer for babies to sharpen their nails and mothers are more professional. 4. Traditional model: There is no gray retaining plate, and the gray nails fly everywhere. Upgraded version: equipped with gray retaining plate, which can effectively block nail gray. Advantages: keep it clean.


Why should we grind baby's nails? The nails after cutting have sharp water chestnuts, which are easy for babies to scratch themselves and it is difficult to control the nail cutting If you cut too much, it will hurt your baby’s hand. If you cut too little, there will be dirt in the nails.