LEO Electric Hooking Tying Device Fishing Hook Line Tyer Tie Machine

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LEO Electric Hooking Device Automatic Machine Tying Device Tie Knot Lure Fishing Hook Line Tyer Tie Machine Fishing Tackle

1. The shell is made of PC/ABS industrial plastic, which is strong and durable.

2. Using a high-torque low-speed motor, the coils that know the error are tight, and the hooks tied are firmer.

3. The appearance is novel and beautiful, powered by two 1.5V dry batteries, safe and reliable, and stable performance.

4. Suitable for fishing lines of various hook types and sizes, with a wide range of applications.

5. Suitable for slim Hooks. Easy to use Avoid fishing wire damaged by hook.


Material: PC/ABS

Color: white (as shown in the picture)

Size: Short handle 88*70*18mm, long handle 117*88*18mm

Weight: 61g/69g

Movement: imported movement

Power supply: two AAA batteries (not included)


1. Please do not use it for purposes other than tying hooks;

2. Please do not place it in a place with strong water vapor;

3. This product is not waterproof, beware of getting wet to avoid rust

and damage;

4. Do not expose to the sun for a long time, please store in a dry and

cool place.

Trouble phenomenon and treatment:

Turning on the switch does not work: 1. Whether the positive and

negative poles of the battery are reversed; 2. Foreign objects such as

needles, sand, etc. have fallen into the gear, if any, take it out.

Suddenly stop during rotation: 1. Check the battery power and replace

the battery; 2. The fishing line is rolled into the gear inside the

machine and can be taken out.


This product has been carefully designed by industrial designers, with novel and beautiful appearance.

It is driven by two 1.5V dry batteries, which is safe and reliable with stable performance.

The shell is made of PC / ABS factory plastic with high strength and durability.

With high torque and low speed motor, the coil is tight and the fishhook is more firm.

This product is suitable for a variety of hook types, various sizes and specifications of fish line, wide range of application.

Package Included:

Binding device * 1


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