Multi-section Lure With Ring Beads Simulation 6-section Lure

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Product description:
Name: Multi-section bait
With hook: 6#
Length: 10cm
Weight: 16.5g
Status: Shenshui
Fishhook: #6 Three Barbed Hooks
Dive depth: 0-2m
Color: Simulation

The external ABS material is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.
The internal metal material has a great influence on gravity.
Suitable for different aquariums.
It creates realistic swimming movements in the water, attracting predators to bite.
Alluring colored bait.
They produce realistic swimming movements in the water.
The 3D eyes make it look natural like live bait.
Meet all your needs of different colors, sizes and fishing different fish.

Excellent fishing accessories for fishing enthusiasts. Ideal for fishing squid, stingray, grouper, spear, musk, squid, squid, etc.