Sonar Wireless WIFI Fish Finder 70M Echo Sounder Detect Finder

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1) Compatible with Android/IOS system
2) Depth capacity:135feet(45m)
3) Transducer frequency:125KHz
4) Transducer coverage:90 degrees
5) WIFI operating range:70M
6) WIFI frequency:2.4GHz
7) Power:3.7V rechargeable lithium battery
8) Charger:5V,1A
9) Charging indicator:red light
10) Working indicator:blue light
11) Working hours:5 hours fully charging

More stable transmission longer connection range.

Wifi range extender can help the fish finder receipt more far distance fish,which it connect with the portable power bank.

Wireless operating range is 70M

Wifi fish finder with the wifi range extender operation range is 200M.


Fishfinder sends wifi signal by itself,without using cellphone traffic or worrying no wifi outdoor
serarch wifi name "fish finder",and enter password "12345678"to connect

Wifi fishfinder tells you different sound alert

Makes it possible to define the size of fish roughly without watching the display


Makes it easy to see and convenient to operate


Convient for use:
one hand with the display, the other hand with the fishing rod
Fishing is not like gaming why not operate two hands?

Product Parameters

1. Water depth
2. Water temperature
3. Upper zoom range
4. Middle Fish icon with depth
5. Large Fish icon with depth
6. Water bottom contour
7.Lower zoom range
8. Battery strength indicator
9. Wireless signal
10. Small Fish icon with depth

Fishfinder sends wifi signal by itself,without using cellphone traffic or worrying no wifi outdoor.

1.Tie your fish reel line to the front hole in the Wifi transducer and cast it into the water, then you can open your app and enter the operation mode, the water depth, water temperature, bottom contour and fish information can be constantly obtained from WIFI transducer.

2.Selectable sensitivity, zoom, units, depth range, shallow alarm, fish icon fish alarm, chart speed setting.


1.Default power adapter is European. For UK or USA, please contact customer service.

2.The packaging of overseas product in US,Germany,France and Spain does not include car charger and USB adapter.

3.Use fish finder in smooth and hard place (like water tank, swimming pool, water bucket, or fish pond) will cause repeatedly sonar reception, or the the detection can be inaccurate.
Please test in outdoor deep water.

4. WIFI range extender is not included.

Please download "WIFI Fish Finder" app in Google Play or APP Store. Kindly remind the app is not "LuckyFishFinder" or "wififishfinder2".

Before using FF916

1.Make sure luckylaker Start is fully charged

2.Turn Off Mobile Data on your smartphone

3.On iOS device turn Off 'Wi-Fi Assist''

4.On Android device turn Off either Smart Network Switch / Auto Network switch / Wi-Fi+

5.Make sure to keep "WIFI Fish Finder" APP up to date

6.If wireless sensor/wifi fish finder is not put into water, it will switch to resting state automatically and sonar stops work. Only after put into water, it will work.